Why Choose a DJ Instead of a Music Track for Your Reception

One of the biggest, most important parties a couple may ever throw will likely be their wedding reception. Many look to lower costs by cutting corners any way they can. Since the bottom line for a wedding is so high, the reception can sometimes fall to the wayside with a much smaller budget.

However, you need to keep in mind that the reception is an extension of your wedding. No matter how perfect the actual ceremony turns out, if your reception is lacking, it will leave a bad taste in the mouths of your guests and will ultimately be what they remember.

So where can you cut costs? There are many different things you can do to reduce the price tag to your reception. For example, you can have a pot luck style buffet or ask a kitchen- clever friend to cater for you. Others cut by using a music track instead of hiring a real wedding DJ. True, this can cut substantial costs. However, there are many benefits to choosing DJ over an IPod wedding reception.

Why Choose A DJ

The biggest reason to choose a DJ is that it is a real person. A DJ is usually responsible for making announcements and introductions. Having someone to do those tasks allows guests and the newlyweds to relax and enjoy themselves. A good DJ will be personable and friendly, making a good impression and adding to the atmosphere . A music track simply cannot be a warm, friendly face.

Technology sometimes malfunctions no matter how new it is or what precautions you take. With a DJ, there is an actual person there to handle the situation and get the party going again. Most will bring back up equipment and have experience with potential mechanical disasters. With a music track, there is no one to step in and the couple or guest members are forced to deal with the issue themselves.

Another reason to hire a DJ is because like at any party that has music; most people will want to dance. They want to get down to music that they like without having to sit and wait for countless hours before something they want to hear comes on. Having a DJ at your reception will give your guests the ability to make requests and hear what they want, when they want. Most DJs will have an extensive collection and will meet with you to see what sort of lineup you are looking for.

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