Why use Workers Compensation

Illinois Workers compensation laws provide funds that help with lost wages and medical expenses to an employee who has an injury that occurred while at work. They are designed to protect workers, and those who depend on them, against the financial worries that injury or death arising out of the work environment can cause.

Both the employers and the employees benefit. Employees receive weekly or biweekly money and have medical bills taken care of in exchange for forfeiting the right to sue. By accepting limited and determined liability, the employer is immune from court action being taken.

Workmen compensation laws vary from state to state. The benefit in all states is designed to give aid to those involved in workplace injuries or disease regardless of employer negligence that may have contributed to the problem. Benefits include; lost wages, medical bill payment, and disability benefits. Death benefits may also be included if someone dies as the result of the injury. By agreeing not to file a lawsuit you cannot get punitive damages.

Questions about your own behavior leading to a work-related injury may preclude your eligibility. In this case you may want to talk to a worker’s compensation attorney. Law suits can be complicated. If you are not satisfied with the recovery offer extended a Chicago attorney can help determine the best course of action.

States vary in the amount of money or reimbursement of medical expenses you will receive. All states have mandated forms that must be filed in order to be in compliance with claims reporting. Washington is very generous with recovery funds. Texas and California are not as amiable. Unless you are 100% satisfied with compensation offered, getting legal advice is probably a good idea.

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